Executive Functioning



Activ8 tutors are dedicated to helping students with complicated learning profiles excel in their academic and personal lives through the formation of positive habits and development of lifelong organizational skills.

Our tutors help develop organizational skills for life, beginning with interventions for elementary school through college. We approach our work from the developmental perspective offering customized, individualized sessions based on each client’s specific needs and developmental stage.

Our tutors' goals are to provide immediate, customized interventions targeting and expanding existing Executive Functioning skills and to develop a significant, positive shift in habits toward sustainable, ongoing improvement of Executive Functioning.


Executive Functioning (EF) refers to an interrelated set of cognitive processes that govern goal-directed behaviors and enable us to effectively manage everyday activities. Key academic abilities generally rely on EF: planning ahead, keeping track of materials/tasks, managing time, effectively processing information, maintaining focus, organizing thoughts, adapting knowledge for particular situations, screening for errors, and managing frustration. These abilities are also tremendously important outside of the classroom.

Numerous studies demonstrate the ability of targeted interventions to significantly improve EF. Research indicates that EF provides the foundation required for success across academic, occupational, and social-emotional realms. Therefore, we approach our work with a dedication to the profound importance of the development of EF skills and strategies, and their ability to foster transformative changes within our students.

Every student is different, and we are committed to identifying and addressing the particular issues that each student faces. In general, we help students develop skills related to:

  • Planning and following through
  • Time management and procrastination avoidance
  • Patience and increasing frustration tolerance
  • Focus and filtering distractions
  • Self-restraint and impulse control
  • Flexibility among activities and multitasking
  • Prioritization and separating the essential from the inessential
  • Attention to and remembering details
  • Organization of written ideas
  • Language-based difficulties (dyslexia, expressive and receptive language challenges etc.)
  • Dyscalculia

Through the integration of specific learning and cognitive techniques, we help students achieve greater structure and organization in their schoolwork and personal lives. We use a variety of methods to strengthen students’ executive functioning skills, including writing, time management, and personalized study strategies. In addition, we focus on cross-subject organizational supports, such as upkeep of work spaces, note-taking, and long-term planning for projects, tests, and assignments.

When appropriate, tutors will communicate with other specialists with whom the student works—including teachers, other tutors or learning specialists, therapists, neuropsychologists, etc.—to ensure that we are working effectively within the student’s support network. For many students, the key to success lies in a multi-pronged approach that includes support from a wide range of experts.


Our tutors will work with your child to develop a significant, positive shift in habits toward sustainable, ongoing improvement of time management, organizational and study skills.


All tutoring services are subject to a one time $75 registration fee for curriculum building and planning