Special Needs Tutoring


For a child who lives with a learning disability, high quality special needs tutoring is exceptionally valuable. It can make all the difference.

Children with learning disabilities are often overwhelmed within group-learning environments. To make matters worse, these children are usually subjected to a range of standardized tests, most of which fail to address the unique ways in which they confront and process information. If your child has autism spectrum disorder, dyslexia, language processing trouble, ADHD or any other learning challenge, you’ve probably seen for yourself how the school experience can degrade into something counterproductive and harmful.

Activ8 works with your child's teacher and any other specialists to ensure our program aligns with your child's goals, often set forth in an IEP or 504 Plan. Because you are your child’s best advocate, you will always have a say in the support we provide your child. Together, we will work with you and with the school to craft a customized, comprehensive approach that truly serves your child.

When appropriate, tutors will communicate with other specialists with whom the student works -- including teachers, other tutors or learning specialists, therapists, neuropsychologists, etc -- to ensure that we are working effectively within the student's support network. For many students, the key to success lies in a multi-pronged approach that includes support from a wide range of experts.

Our Activ8 staff are trained to support those with a learning difference such as: dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, specific learning disability, weaknesses in working memory, processing speed or executive functioning, organizational challenges, auditory or visual processing disorder, mood disorders, anxiety and stress-related disorders, ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s and autism or a combination of these.

special needs

One of our grade-level special education specialists collaborates with you, teachers, and specialists in order to create a customized learning plan for your student, incorporating their IEP/504 plan goals and other information gathered during an initial Review of Records meeting.


One of our grade-level specialists works with your child during regular school hours or after school, providing remedial intervention to keep them mainstreamed in a public school setting.


All tutoring services are subject to a one time $75 registration fee for curriculum building and planning