Home School Support


Families choose homeschooling for a myriad of reasons, and homeschool programs take many forms. Most families who choose homeschooling value the opportunity it provides to truly customize their child’s learning and development. Activ8 Learning Center appreciates this value, and is ready to help make it reality through our personalized homeschool support program.

As specialists in customized learning, we will work with your unique child on a schedule that works best for them, during the day or after their school day. Our sessions can provide direct support to their homeschool curriculum or focus on remedial education, as needed. Our highly qualified teachers bring expertise and individual attention to your child in a fun, safe and structured setting. They are able to work with students of all ages and abilities to deliver the best education possible. ​

Parents may desire tutoring for their homeschooled children in order to offer them extra studying time and problem-solving in a supportive and structured environment, or merely to expose students to multiple styles of teaching. Our instructors are knowledgeable in many styles of teaching and learning strategies, and will work with parents to ensure that their method will work well with the homeschool program in which your child is learning. At Activ8, our number one goal is to give students the confidence needed to excel in necessary areas of study by helping them understand difficult concepts and to succeed in areas in which they may be facing difficulties. They can discuss all teaching strategies with the parent beforehand, offer new approaches to any material, and make suggestions based on the individual student.

Like all of our offerings at Activ8, our homeschooling program is entirely customizable. Our instructors can follow the specific homeschooling program your child is enrolled in, or set up a homeschool curriculum based on your child’s grade or academic level. When appropriate, tutors will communicate with other specialists with whom the student works -- including teachers, learning specialists, therapists, neuropsychologists, etc -- to ensure that we are working effectively within the student's support network. For many students, the key to success lies in a multi-pronged approach that includes support from a wide range of experts. Activ8’s one-on-one homeschool support services are offered to children grades K-12 of all learning styles.


One of our grade level specialists works with the homeschool curriculum you provide and will teach and guide your child through the material with compassion and individualized attention in a structured environment.


All tutoring services are subject to a one time $75 registration fee for curriculum building and planning