Opening Doors.

Activating minds.

Here at Activ8, we understand the frustrations and tolls homework can have on a family because we have been there with our own kids. We’ve built a comprehensive education environment to solve the problems we’ve seen for ourselves. For kids who attend school elsewhere, we offer powerful, personalized tutoring. For parents who need help getting meaningful support from school for their kids, we provide expert advocacy. And we bring our vision fully to life within Activ8 Academy.

We offer a better way for students from Pre-K to 12th grade. Our approach has helped kids to find confidence and capability, and helped parents to secure proper support from schools for their kids. We are not a large corporation with a cookie-cutter approach. Activ8 is an education boutique that offers a completely customized plan of action. Each session is entirely tailored to your child's learning needs, styles and interests.

We tutor. We advocate. We teach. We do it all the way we’d want for our own children.


Activ8 founder, Anna Laboon, is a mother of two children with special needs and has already been through the struggle of finding educational support for her own kids. She created Activ8 for parents like herself and kids like her own to give them the personalized attention and customized sessions they need.

Activ8's holistic and collaborative approach to teaching includes partnering with specialists, teachers and parents to find the right educational programs to support each child's individual needs and/or advocate upon their behalf.



  • For years we felt alone, navigating our daughter’s learning differences the best we could, paying for her private schools, tutors and therapies out of pocket. My husband and I are educated and professional people but we didn’t know, what we didn’t know. From the very first conversation with Anna, I knew we had found the support our family needed. First, Anna LISTENED and then she got to work on the action plan that supported my daughter’s needs from a holistic perspective. When it came time for our daughter’s IEP and IDR meetings we felt prepared and equipped to advocate for her with Anna by our side. We were able to avoid hiring an attorney and more importantly to collaboratively work with the district to creatively meet our daughter’s unique needs. Anna truly empathizes, parenting two special needs children of her own, and she understands the language necessary to navigate the school systems. Thanks to Anna’s advocacy, our daughter is thriving and making progress we never dreamed was possible.

    - Jen
  • "Finally a group which fills a key educational niche! Take highly educated, powerful intellects deeply rooted in their academic subjects as well as the art of teaching, blend with a spirited, fun- filled (and beautiful) environment and you get this winning combination. Right out of the gate our children loved going. Incredible. Nowhere else like it!"

    - Anonymous
  • "Right from the get-go. I was impressed with the individual attention to my son’s specific learning style and the fact that his grades started to improve almost immediately. Now both our kids are attending the center. I am thrilled with the fact that their grades are improving, they're building more academic confidence and they have fun going every week. It's a great investment in my kids academic and personal journey.”

    - Jen
  • "Activ8 is a warm and nurturing environment where our son feels confident, energized, motivated and excited about learning. His professional tutor works directly with his teacher and the school’s curriculum to prepare for every session with him. He is thriving in math and has significantly increased his understanding of the new math concepts. We are so very grateful this learning center has opened."

    - Maggie & Rob
  • "Activ8 learning has made my daughter a happier person. She suffered from depression and anxiety before attending Activ8 Learning. In the fall, my daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD. My daughter has been meeting with Anna four times a week, and we are amazed with her progress. Anna is unlike any tutor we have ever worked with. She has formed a bond with my daughter that has given her the confidence to do better in school and make new friends. In just four months, she increased her reading level by two grade levels. Anna has also been helpful to my husband and I by providing a psychologist covered by insurance and attending IEP meetings. She is in contact with the district to ensure that my daughter gets the services she needs. Thanks to Activ8 Learning, I feel like my daughter is on the right track!"

    - Jenny