Online Tutoring


Dear Parents,
If you are anything like us, the thought of the schools closing for the rest of the school year is beyond daunting. As parents ourselves, we have been scrambling to figure out how we are going to navigate through these uncharted waters. In order to offer your students’ academic support during this time, Activ8 has designed the following options at special "pandemic pricing" in order to help students, whether it be to help them navigate through distance learning, provide more detailed custom instruction on a particular subject or to bolster their curriculum:

Online One-on-One Instruction

Firstly, we are offering remote, one-on-one, Zoom instruction with one of our credentialed teachers. Because these sessions are entirely tailored to your students’ unique needs, an extra emphasis will be put on any areas of concern.

Online Special Education Instruction

Secondly, we are offering remote, one-on-one, Zoom individual instruction with one of our credentialed special education teachers. These lessons will incorporate any accommodations your child currently uses including a token board, body breaks, and a visual schedule. We have already begun rolling this out to several of our current special education clients, and it is working rather well.

Online Semi-Private Instruction

If your child has a friend in the same grade and would like to team up for a class, we are currently offering semi-private Zoom instruction with one of our credentialed teachers. Both children need to be at or around the same level academically in order for the hour to be beneficial for both students.

Custom Weekly Curriculum Packets

Lastly, we are offering supporting customized curriculum packets that can be worked on independently between Zoom sessions. Anna Laboon, special education teacher and owner of Activ8, can consult with each family to review your child’s academic and/or IEP goals and create curriculum to support their needs.

At Activ8, we are dedicated to supporting your children through this uncertain environment. If there is anything we can further do to support your child’s education please do not hesitate to contact Anna at 949-629-8216. To learn more about Activ8, please visit We look forward to working with your children and supporting them during this difficult time.

We are all in this together,
The Activ8 Team