Opening Doors.

Activating minds.

Here at Activ8, we understand the frustrations and tolls homework can have on a family because we have been there with our own kids. Serving students from Pre-K to 12th grade, we offer a better approach to learning -- an approach that has helped kids to find confidence and capability as well as helped parent’s secure proper support from schools for their kids. Unlike larger tutoring corporations that provide a a cookie cutter approach, one-size fits all lesson, Activ8 is a tutoring and advocacy boutique that offers a completely customized plan of action. Using a variety of teaching strategies, each session is entirely tailored to your child's learning needs, styles and interests.


Activ8 founder, Anna Laboon, is a mother of two children with special needs and has already been through the struggle of finding educational support for her own kids. She created Activ8 for parents like herself and kids like her own to give them the personalized attention and customized sessions they need.

Activ8's holistic and collaborative approach to teaching includes partnering with specialists, teachers and parents to find the right educational programs to support each childs individual needs and/or advocate upon their behalf.